Accurate Driving Academy of Kennewick, WA – Where Your Safety Comes First

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We offer every student quality driver’s education and training at affordable and reasonable rates. Our knowledgeable and patient driving instructors, with their many years of professional experience, make learning especially easy!

We’ll help you get ready for your driver’s license test so you feel confident and comfortable behind the wheel, ready to pass the exam.

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  • Washington Teen Drivers Safety and Education Course:
    This is a 5-week class that meets 3 days a week.

    1. 6-1 hour drives (some schools offer 5 drives and 4 hours on of driving simulation)
    2. 6-1 hour driving observation
    3. 30- hours classroom time

    Defensive Driving Education Course:
    This class will improve the driver's knowledge of traffic laws and improve safety to themselves and passengers. We teach you to drive defensively, to be more alert to what is happening around you and anticipate problems and take measures to avoid accidents.

    Private Driving Assessment:
    This is a private drive with an instructor who will evaluate your driving skills to find any areas that could use improvement.

    Personalized Private Drives:
    This drive is for adults or teenagers who want a one-on-one driving experience with one of our instructors. They will teach you the latest in driver safety.

    1. 1-1- hour drive (pickup if within 5 miles of school)
    2. 1-1- hour drive (without pickup)

    Personalized Private Drives Package Deals
    1. 2-1-hour drives (pickup if within 5 miles of school)
    2. 2-1 hour drives (without pickup)
    3. 4-1-hour drives (pickup if within 5 miles of school)
    4. 4-1-hour drives (without pickup)

    Call for prices on these classes. You must have a valid permit or drivers license to schedule a drive.